Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Month-End Review or Stuff My Yoga Teachers Say (Recap for National Yoga Month)

I'm not doing my usual month-end review but, for the record, I did exercise almost every day in September -- except for three Fridays because every 'Drea needs some rest.

It's the last day of National Yoga Month. I already miss outdoor yoga. Even though it can be an itchy affair, I'm going to miss the view of the grass during downward facing dog and I'm going to miss looking at the birds and sky during savasana et al.

I did make it to an outdoor yoga session on Sunday at a crystal festival. I told Alison, who accompanied me, that I would not have been at a crystal festival just a few years ago.

Saw the Buddhas (to the left) or, as Alison said, Buddhaville at the festival. At any rate, I want to pay homage to National Yoga Month. Initially, I wanted to do a savasana edition of Stuff My Yoga Teachers Say but more elements of the practice made it into this recap:

Dismiss your body from any responsibilities. Dismiss your mind from worry. Relax... Alison

Be still. Be at peace. Do nothing... Gloria

Imagine your face totally expressionless...Alison

The only thing moving is your breath...Rebecca

I'm going to slowly walk through relaxing. Kim W. (at the beginning of savasana)

If you're at your edge, you will suffer. Sheila before we entered a 10 breath count.

This is your relaxation pose. Sarah about Savasana

This is 100% your practice. Rebecca

If you're not using the breath, you're limiting the experience. Sheila

If you except the light, that means that you also except the shadow parts like "crabby me." Sheila

Notice what you notice. Elle (almost at the end of practice)


  1. "Dismiss your body from any responsibilities." I love that.

    I would tend not to go to a crystal festival either, but sometimes my mystical side wins out over my rational side. Good to have both.

  2. True...

    Re: dismiss your body, I use it a lot for savasana or when I'm having a hard time relaxing. So glad that I heard that expression.