Thursday, September 18, 2014

What I Did

Do we have a lunch/dinner agenda?? What are we going to dooo???

Got this text from my aunt Girt yesterday. I also wondered what I was going to do:

Yoga followed by Zumba?

Yoga or Zumba? A double dose of yoga?

Knew that I wanted to gather for birthday lunch because I had my eye on evening yoga...

Ended up going to a.m. yoga with Alison. I like getting on my mat first thing in the morning to set intentions on my birthday. Plus, practicing next to a friend is always nice. Alison and I went to Jim's class -- just my second class with Jim whose voice reminds me of Ben Stein. Jim was born to teach a slow flow class.

Jim's funny:

If you have trouble balancing, go the wall -- that's what I put them there for.

And serious:

When the mind is quiet, the real world comes in -- not the world we made up.

Ended my day with Zumba which was a nice touch because Zumba's a total party atmosphere. Shawny kept adjusting the music. I need it loud, she said. Surprise, surprise...

After lunch saw that my neighbor had her puppies on the lawn. I'm not going to mention the 10 mosquito bites that I acquired while playing with the puppies. My neighbor wants to give me a puppy and somewhere along the way, she thinks that I said yes. As adorable as they are, a dog needs someone who's going to be home more than I'm at home and there's the expense too but, dang, they're adorable...

Sweet a.k.a. Veggie Burger for B-day Lunch

How I Felt After Yoga (Artwork by Cbabi @ Sweet Art)

Watermelon Sorbet (Shared)

It's a fight.

And the winner is.



  1. Those puppies are adorable!! But sometimes dogs are like children: better to know people who have them, and then you get to go home when you're tired of them.

    I hope you had/have a wonderful birthday. It sounds like a perfect day.

  2. Re: the puppies, that's exactly what I was thinking when my neighbor called this morning.

    I did have a great birthday. It was low-key but that's the way I like it. Thanks for the b-day wishes.