Tuesday, April 26, 2016

And Quietness Ensues

Waiting for the Yoga Games to Start on Sunday
For the most part, the week started off on a good note with the Earth Day celebration at Forest Park. Many people attended the free yoga sessions including Alison and other yoga buddies.

I got totally discombobulated trying to find the yoga stage but knew that I was headed in the right direction when I saw the meditation flash mob which I'd thought about joining but was glad that I didn't because I would have felt too exposed...

After yoga in the park, came home and cooked and thought about Gingerzingi as I chopped and chopped and chopped.

Slept well last night and Monday night yoga gets the credit for that sleep session.

Went to the store after work today then cooked Tofu Fried Rice. Sunday's situation was Farmers' Market Quesadillas.

Went swimming tonight then ran a couple of errands. I'm getting stuff done and doing many things that I enjoy but I'm feeling a bit raggedy and rushed.

The mind chatter was off the charts as I started swimming but, at some point, my mind got quiet. Love that point in the program when I'm swimming or practicing yoga and quietness ensues.

I do like the gongs though. Below is Pati Pellerito at Earth Day with the flash mob.


  1. Wow that yoga stage is gorgeous. What a wonderful place to practice.

    LOL meditation flash mob.

    You know, I am so sick of the amount of time food prep, cleanup, shopping takes. SO SICK. But I can't seem to find any way around it, because I have three criteria: Good (quality), Inexpensive, and Easy. Like they always say, "Pick two."

  2. That stage belongs to The Muny -- think it's where the actors practice.

    Re: food prep, someone told me that they've been using Blue Apron and they like it and I feel like you linked to a Jennette Fulda review of BA as well. Haven't really researched it myself.

    On their website, there's a short video that says they are more reasonable than your local grocery store but of course they're going to say that...