Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Until I Get My Groove Back

Youth Team's Gear
Went swimming last night and the youth organization was running behind schedule so I paid the admission fee then walked over to speak with the wife/husband team in charge of the youth group whilst the youngsters finished.

The wife told me that their son, who looks like he's in his early 20's, had a heart attack. That whole scenario sounded implausible. Yes, yes, I'm the queen of denial.

The son in question swam last night and the husband told me what is heart rate was at the time practice started and he would later tell me that his son had been, pretty much, dead and he'd told his son the equivalent of God has something greater in store for you... Apparently, there'd been some tension between the parents and son but, hopefully, the medical emergency will heal some wounds...

Budgeted time for six minutes of yoga in bed this a.m. and I liked the sequence. Although I was totally digging the in bed part and was slightly disappointed when Tara Stiles called for standing up, it made perfect sense in that I was going to have to eventually stand up to greet the day and I might as well stand strong in tree pose beforehand.

Went climbing this p.m. and I'm not very good at climbing right now but no one is grading me so I'll keep plugging away at it until I get my groove back...

The intern in my office mentioned that she couldn't sleep last night so she and her roommate ordered Insomnia Cookies but the whole point of her store was that her roommate had only ordered milk and they had to wait even longer to get the cookies. The intern was surprised that we hadn't heard of the cookie company. Seriously, what will people come up with next?

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