Saturday, April 30, 2016


Alison recently got into kombucha so, as a part of her birthday gift, I singed her up for a kombucha brewing class and I also reserved myself a spot because I know that adventures are sweeter with friends.

Until today, I had never tasted kombucha and didn't think that I would like it...

As Alison and I and two other women followed the Dabble sign, we were greeted in the hallway by a cat. Hilarious! I knew that we were at the instructor's apartment because she had given us the heads-up about her cats. When the last two students arrived, Gus heard them, headed out the apartment door and went to greet them.

Gus, the Host with the Most
The instructor, Mary, stays in downtown St. Louis and the view, alone, made the trip worth it.

When I smelled the SCOBY, I still didn't think that I would like kombucha and I was also a tad bit concerned by something that I'd read but I sipped anyway and loved the ginger kombucha that we sampled first. Also like the blackberry ginger and what Mary said about adding cinnamon sticks instead of cinnamon or actual ginger instead of powdered ginger. You have to stay away from processed foods when brewing and flavoring your kombucha.

One of the Mothers
The kombucha class was fun and I'd like to take another Dabble class. Just wish that most of them weren't during Zumba time...

When class ended, Alison and I headed across the street to Bailey's Range and had veggie burgers and shared a fig salad which consisted of spinach, figs, pears, fennel. roasted almonds, blue cheese and a strawberry vinaigrette. Yum -- all the way around. Even yummier was hitting the door before lots of kids wandered in from the Robotics Competition.

Mary did a Tedx talk and said that she did 30 minutes of yoga to calm her down beforehand.

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