Thursday, April 28, 2016


Re: Prince, the latest talk is about his not having a will which makes me think of a character in a Chris Rock movie who says "Black people don't leave a will; they leave a bill." Of course, that's not the case with Prince.

One of Prince's former lawyers said that the singer was so meticulous that if he had wanted to leave a will, he would have.

I was with a group of people discussing Prince and one guy said that, surely, probate court is not what Prince would have wanted. This same person is also the only one who has his papers totally in order.

As for me, I have mailed important information to my brother but my paperwork is not where it should be and I recently discovered my lack of documentation when my work place tweaked something with the life insurance. I don't want anyone to have to look frantically for anything when I'm gone so I need to correct that immediately...

Walked into Zumba and the sub said that she would be taking over the class. As Alison said, Thursday had become mystery Zumba teacher night. I'm in a mood and the one thing that made me perk up tonight was hearing Flo Rida say "...double entendre, double entendre..." I have no idea why that phrase amuses me but I'll take it.

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