Saturday, April 16, 2016

How Things Work

Hit the ground running this morning.

Went to the library to return non-renewable items then went to fill up a gas canister so that I could mow the front lawn -- the back will have to wait.

Finished mowing in time to hit Zumba class.

Just got back from my first trip to the St. Louis IKEA which opened in September. Haven't been to one in years and forgot how there's one track to get through the humongous store. Even though they have arrows, started to feel like I should have brought breadcrumbs to mark my path.

Last night went to see a short play, Bosnian American: The Dance of Life, with the
'Fugee and another 'Fugee, Asmira. Bosnian American.. was sad but also funny at times. Afterwards, we went to a place that sells gelato etc. The 'Fugee and Asmira made good choices by getting coffee and tea. I went with the gelato but I totally feel like I walked it off in IKEA. Hope so anyway but I know "things" don't work that way.

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  1. Oh man. That Sarajevo Rose is killing me.

    Maybe this is part of the source for your battlefield nightmares. Feeling great tenderness for everyone for whom that was a reality and not a dream...

  2. Re: the Sarajevo Rose, I know. It makes me remember the reportage about the snipers.

    I had the dream before I saw the play but maybe my imagination kicked in...