Wednesday, April 13, 2016

So Real

Scene from "Nurse Jackie"
As dream worlds go, Gingerzingi, wish that I had been in Zumba class with you because I had nightmares. Dreamed that I was on the battlefield and several people got shot including one who looked like a famous actress. The doppelganger got shot through the neck and I could see a round hole; ugh, so real.

The dreams were weird because I'd been swimming which puts me a peaceful frame of mind. I've been watching Orange Is The New Black plus Fixer Upper and OITNB wasn't a violent episode.

In addition to Fixer Upper and OITNB, I've been watching Nurse Jackie which I didn't expect to be so intense. Having said that, I enjoyed the recent episode where nurse Jackie swims. It's a brief moment but I like seeing characters get their swim on including Julia Braverman-Graham on Parenthood.

When I submerged last night, noticed that the water was not as clear as it usually is and I paid the price. I was able to sleep but, at some point, breathing did not come easy. Hope that they fix the imbalance in the water.

Gingerzingi, for your entertainment, the yoga goat...


  1. Yoga goat! Adorable! Maybe you should get one.

    I'll bet the nightmares came from the water/breathing. I haven't had a battlefield dream in a long time, they are usually terribly realistic.

  2. I guess I should say they are "vivid." I haven't been on a battlefield to know if my dreams are realistic.

  3. About the battlefield dreams, roger that.

    I would love to have a goat so that I could say goodbye to cutting the grass.