Thursday, April 7, 2016

Talking Myself Out Of The House

We had a mandatory drug awareness situation at work. Kind of ironic. So many of us have to come up with coping mechanisms for work and I wonder how many people have addiction problems because of stress at work.

I'm feeling depleted but managed to talk myself out the house for Zumba. I really wanted to take a salt bath and read more of A List of Things That Didn't Kill Me but moving my body is important to me. Soaking is important too but there's a time for exercise and there's a time for baths, LOL.

We've had a sub for the last three classes but the sub is in Jamaica celebrating her first wedding anniversary. As such, I hung back because I wanted to see who would be teaching. Well, it was Eileen and I was happy to see her and it's actually Eileen's class but she's been working nights.

I have a full-time job she said when one of my fellow Zumba mates started talking smack. I told her that all good immigrants have at least three jobs.

I'm glad that I went to class. My mood was better and I had a more energy afterward. Still didn't feel like taking a shower but with one more day of work on the horizon, it was totally the civilized thing to do. On the video, twelve seconds from class.