Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Before Yoga

The studio's Buddha.
There was one person running late for last night's yoga session and Joy took a moment and talked about new protocol. She will close the door as we're centering but will still let latecomers in.

Felt like she was preaching to the choir and also thought that the person was running five or ten minutes late -- not fifteen. I've been in a position before where I arrived a minute before class and turned around because I didn't want to be disruptive. Fifteen minutes late. Seriously? If you really need yoga and the starting time of class doesn't work, do yoga at home for one day or not at all. 

I do feel like I should be able to rise above a disturbance but it's amazing how people entering into a room of quiet energy can be distracting. I don't agree with Joy's solution but it's not my studio and I understand that she has to appeal to a variety of customers...

On another note, Dawn (new yoga buddy) and I were discussing our exercise schedules and how challenging it can be to double up on classes or make a class etc. In the end, I realize how I get stuck on a schedule and I decided to not go swimming tonight since I can go later on this week.

I've been craving more yoga and my attempts at a home practice are not satisfying and maybe that's something to work on.

Before yoga I did about 15 minutes of Kenpo X before I came to my senses. My hamstrings are so tight and kicking doesn't feel very nice at all. Despite the bike crash, I'm feeling more like myself and I'm ready to introduce more cardio into my regimen.

After savasana tonight, this woman asked me Are you still with us? I was...barely. While I enjoyed yoga, it still felt weird not to swim.


  1. I would be totally pissed at people coming in late. It's rude and selfish. Sort of like people who decide they need to change lanes and block two lanes of traffic until they can get in.

    But I think closing the door might help a little. It's going to indicate to the late-comer that Class is in Session and should make them feel at least a little self-conscious and hesitant about interrupting. Probably they'll still do it, but maybe not so often. Maybe they'll try harder to get to class on time.

  2. I didn't think about the affect of the locked door that way. Hopefully it will cut down on tardiness and increase consideration.