Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Off The Mat

Had a dream on Sunday night that I was talking with a professional organizer about, well, organizing. There's no need to look on Dream Moods for that one...

As I reviewed my weekend, thought about how amazing it was.

Yoga... Friday

Lunch with Rosie... Saturday

Voices of Congo Square ...Saturday

Yoga... Sunday

Yoga and Yoga... Monday

Another weekend fantasy camp.

I did almost kill the lawnmower on Monday. Forgot that the oil was low until I heard this tictictic noise then silence. Added more oil and let it set for 15 minutes and it turned over.

After the two yoga classes yesterday, made my way to the gym so that I could watch part of Game 7 of the Warriors/Thunder game. Since I got in my 10,000 steps early in the day, I set the treadmill at a very low speed while I watched.

The gym officially closed at 4:00 p.m. but since it's a 24 hour club, it's accessible with a key card. It was kind of creepy. The windows have tinting on them so you can't really see out unless someone comes very close to the glass.

Two guys tried to get in but couldn't and one eventually approached the glass by my treadmill asking to be let in. One waved a gym card but I lifted my hands and said sorry. I would like to believe that they were upstanding citizens but it's not hard for the magnetic card to register; you swipe it and you're in. I did not want to end up on a page in the STL Post- Dispatch so I did not get off the treadmill...

Went swimming tonight and talked with the female youth coach. She said that she's been coaching for 20 years and the drowning rate hasn't changed since then.

There was a young girl, about seven or eight, in the lane next to me taking a lesson. She as not seeing eye-to-eye with her instructor. I kept thinking that the instructor needed to change her approach instead of telling her not to pout and commanding her to execute moves...

During yoga classes, Joy likes to say Take the time that it takes and I'm trying to take that approach off the mat. I cleaned out the fish tank after work and also managed to wash one load of clothes. I also got some expired stuff out of the refrigerator after coming home from the swimming pool.  Malo po malo which is Bosnian for little by little...


  1. You made the right decision about the guys wanting to be let into the gym.

  2. Thanks for the input because I did have to remind myself that not letting them in was the safe and responsible thing to do.