Sunday, May 15, 2016

What Yoga Is For

The 'Fugee is out of the country and I usually spend Friday nights with her. Had plans to cut the grass, clean out the fish tank or go to Trader Joe's which would have eliminated the need for a Saturday trip. Instead, I crashed. Woke up around the time that Hawaii Five-0 came on and was surprised by the volume of  violence but immediately understood why my aunt Al likes the show...

The human body is amazing, duh. My hand abrasion is still rough but has closed. My leg bruise, which I'd start referring to as a planet, is fading.

Went on a Yoga Buzz field trip this morning to Eckert's. Although a bit chilly, the weather was great and practice was beautiful.

This woman next to me told a kid that Yoga is just to help you relax. Elle talked about our practice being a celebration of bounty. She had me cracking up before practice when she tried to get people to move closer -- There's like three acres up here she said. Elle was also pretty funny during practice.

We got a cone of custard after yoga then went on wagons to pick strawberries. I have a whole new appreciation for people who pick food and my container was small so I didn't pick a lot.

Alison's Son Fascinated by the Camels
The Pickers

Leg Bruise/Planet

Obligatory Pic from Field Trip

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