Tuesday, May 10, 2016

One Day

Went to visit my aunt Girt on Sunday and she asked me what I had been doing so I gave her the laundry list: yoga, grocery store, cooking, walking, mopping, laundering and I could feel her body language shift then she said You can't do everything in one day...

I was also in a bit of a blue funk on Sunday which Alison noticed after yoga. My funks tend to make Alison nervous but I usually tell her that there's a season for everything.

Went to yoga last night and it was a sweet class even though I felt banged up physically. It was also a good class because I was surrounded by familiars -- two to the right and two to the left. I like what Joy said about going to your edge and being with the pose...

Earlier in the day, Alison sent me a link to a blog post, The Yoga of Being Sad, that Elle of Yoga Buzz wrote. I swear, there's lots of synchronicity in the air...

Went swimming tonight and I usually greet the coaches of the youth swim team and, this time, the husband said that it had been two years since they'd met me and he asked me again about being a coach which just blows me away. Haven't they seen me swim?

I totally feel water competent but I don't feel like I'm a skilled enough swimmer to coach children. I also don't feel like I have the time. He was cracking me up, though, saying that he wanted someone mature because the young adults that he works with won't show up if, say, they've had an argument with their significant other.


  1. How is your road rash and skinned palm? I am so impressed that you kept going. I would definitely take that as a sign to go home and watch movies and drink wine.

    Re swimming coach. I really feel like you should check with me first regarding these kind of life decisions, and I think you should be a yoga instructor.

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  3. I am much better. Thank you.

    LOL about going home. Yeah, I probably should have taken the crash as a sign.

    I SHOULD check with you first. :) I have a gut feeling that the coaching position is volunteer. I'll have to check out the website.

    In one of my fantasies, I'm off from work (under favorable conditions) and I go to Kripalu for one month to do teacher training...