Thursday, May 5, 2016


Went climbing last night and actually had a decent outing. At some point, Patti started talking about Star Wars Day. Let's just say that I once made the faux pas of talking about Star Trek while the topic was about the other Star...

Talking about Star Wars took me back to Jason Schmidt's memoir, "A List of Things...," when he verbally explodes on classmates plus a teacher and he has to go to mandated counseling. During the course of the first session, the counselor questions why Jason wants to be Han Solo instead of Luke Skywalker and Jason responds:

"...Luke wants to be a hero because he's got some stupid idea about being the good guy just to be the good guy. Han and Leia do it because they know why it's important. They understand what's at stake. Luke never even seems to think about that part of it...He just wants to be the guy with the blaster who everyone says 'thank you' to..."

"Luke doesn't want to be good. He wants everyone else to think he's good. It's different. That's why he's vulnerable to the dark side. He's full of pride..." (133-134)

On a completely different note, a new coworker is fascinated by all things Japanese which made me think of Ashima Shiraishi, a young Japanese climber. I read another article about Shiraishi and I like how her father told her to focus on her "small universe" a.k.a. her core.

Back to my new coworker... I love it that she has a tattoo of a Moomin. Too funny...

Not funny? There's no kombucha in this house.

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