Saturday, May 7, 2016

Continuing The Ride

Faint Concrete Rash
Took Friday off because I needed a day off. Went to yoga with Alison then we went to have coffee. After coffee headed to the eye doctor and after the eye doctor, mowed the lawn.

Went bicycling this morning. Took my wheel off to get the bike in the car and even though I'd watched videos for quick release bicycle wheels, still didn't feel like I had it on right.

Got another lesson in paying attention to the present moment. As I attempted to change gears and look at the brake pads, I fell off my bike. Think it was because the chained suddenly slipped off while I was still trying to pedal. It's so disconcerting going from being upright to being on the ground and, of course, I had a flashback to when I sprained my ankle.

Several bicyclists stopped to see if I needed help and Alison offered to go back to the car to get bandages; she also offered to abort the ride. I told her that we could continue to ride and that I could get bandages from the visitor's center at mile three.

Didn't realize that the  Mary Meachum Festival was going on.  Two of the guys had already razzed me about my lack of a helmet. I pulled one away from the activities and asked him if he could give me bandages.

We continued to bicycle even though it was windy as hell. We stopped at various points and my bike must have hit the ground four times. During the crash, lost my bell and reflector light but, obviously, I could have lost way more than that.

Finally dislodge that little black piece of road...

I make a point of putting a flat repair kit in my satchel but I seldom carry any first aid items so I need to adjust my packing list.

Saw this woman who I hadn't seen in ages at the Meachum Festival. She's still taking pictures and I thought I recognized her as she turned her camera my way. I try not to worry about being photographed while chunky in public spaces but...

I asked the photographer what she'd been up to and she said Getting old; lucky me...

Also, I can barely keep my head above water. Can't even imagine what I'd do in 1866.

From Mary Meachum Festival

My grandmother had one...

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