Friday, May 27, 2016

Have The Courage

"If I come in tomorrow and say that I haven't gone to Zumba, punch me in the face because there's no reason that I shouldn't go."

That's what my  new coworker told me, LOL. She went to Zumba but I didn't go yesterday. I walked then went to yoga instead. Noticed that the name of the class had been changed from Open and Unwind to Open Level. Open Level generally means that it's going to be an intense class but I wondered how intense the teacher would make it at 8:00 p.m. Well, I got all of my questions answered. I kept thinking that I don't have to have any conflict about whether or not to keep going to Zumba or yoga on Thursdays and I also thought This class is not for me.

I go into yoga classes knowing that I can modify as needed but there's also an amount of pressure that I put on myself to keep up. Annie must have read my mind because she said If xyz is not working for you, have the courage to opt out. Sweet opting out.

As we put away props, Annie told me that her class is different every week. Guess she must have sensed my struggle...

Before I left for work today, the same coworker told me that if she comes back on Monday and says that she had donuts for dinner that I should punch her in the face. It's sounds harsh but it also sounds funny when she says it. Donuts are her weakness. With the exception of the original Krispy Kreme donut, they don't make my knees buckle and the same goes for soda but put me in front of a cupcake case and it's all over.

Made my way to restorative yoga after work. Annie was the sub and, after class, someone said that they didn't know that she was capable of slowing down.


  1. Whenever I do a workout that's too hard for me, I always know I can make modifications, but at some point you're just not doing the workout anymore. That's when I lose interest/motivation.

    I am wondering about your coworker needing to be punched in the face all the time :-) I hope it doesn't come to that.

    I don't care about donuts either, or most desserts. Candy is my nemesis.

  2. Re: modifications, yeah, too many mods and I feel like I need to opt out.

    Re: coworker, it is very strong language on her part. She's petite and there are no obvious signs but I feel like she has battled mightily with weight before.