Thursday, June 2, 2016

All The World's A Yoga Stage

Patti sent me this meme.
Patti and hubby are in the process of downsizing and she told me that climbing was off the table yesterday because of preparation for a garage sale etc. so I decided to walk then go to yoga.

I've been wanting to catch a yoga session at Ballpark Village but every time that I'm able to go, it rains as it did yesterday. Fortunately, it stopped. I watched Ballpark Village's social media account up until 5:30 then I headed out and I'm so glad that went. It was an amazing practice.

I totally have mixed emotions about outdoor displays of yoga but, eventually, my mind gets into the practice and I forget about being "on stage."

As I practiced thought about how far I've come as far as the ankle is concerned and it feels good to not have to worry about it when I'm, say, planting it in Warrior I etc.

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