Monday, June 13, 2016


As I prepared to leave the house yesterday, I instinctively put on one of my Life Is Good t-shirts but I took it off because I didn't feel right wearing it.

It also doesn't feel right that one person can distinguish the lights of 49 people...

I walked to work this morning even though the humidity was already impressive. Finished listening to an On Being episode, The Losses and Laughter We Grow Into, with Kevin Kling who was born with a withered left arm; just to make life even more challenging Kling is left with a paralyzed right arm after an accident.

Learned about Krista Tippett's new project, Becoming Wise, while listening to Kling. I downloaded the Matthew Sanford episode, Compassion for Our Bodies. Sanford became paralyzed (waist down) after an accident at the age of 14. I love what he said about the body's ability to heal.
Your body, for as long as it can, will be faithful to living.
I listened to a lot of wise words today including Sharon Salzberg's.

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