Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shift in Perspective

Agreed to go to a yoga event (weeks ago) with Alison then realized, almost simultaneously, that I'd agreed to an event on my aunt Girt's birthday so I let my aunt know that I was up for doing something up until about 5:15 p.m. yesterday.

We had a birthday breakfast in Illinois then went back to my aunt's so that she could open her gifts. She was very pleased with the TV that she got. One of aunt's TVs is out of commission and the one in the living room was hanging on by a thread. I know enough about my aunt to know that she would not buy a TV unless it had completely stopped working. 

Can I now get a Fire Stick? was one of the first questions out of my aunt's mouth...

Around 5-ish, left for Forest Park where the St. Louis Science Center's Planetarium resides. The Planetarium served as our yoga studio for the night.

There was a star show before yoga. The organizer, Elle, asked everyone to refrain from using their phones because light takes away from the star show and, of course, the narrator had to ask a couple of times for people to turn off their devices.

I wasn't expecting it but we did yoga in the dark with the Planetarium stars above. It's kind of freeing in one way because people can't really see what you're doing. I was totally acting goofy and had to resist the urge to reach out and tickle Alison...

Even less light while practicing.
More goofiness ensued after yoga. Alison and I don't usually break into poses after events but with the Planetarium all lit up, it called to us and we had a magical play session. Guess that's what happens when you have a yoga buzz.

My Version of Triangle Pose

During practice I liked a lot of what Elle had to say but I was really moved when she said Your life is not a problem to be solved. While I know that life can be brutal, Elle's statement made me think from a different angle.

In honor of International Day of Yoga, I'm posting a video of kids trying yoga. Enjoy.


  1. That is a wonderful Yoga Day location. I love the photos, especially the purple one.