Saturday, June 11, 2016

Agendas, Questions, Etc.

City Pool
I have started several blog posts over the last few days only to abort them. I'm in a good place. Find myself going with the flow more often and I'm starting to look at all of my agendas as malleable. However, I'm still struggling with chores/activities and the time that I have to do them in.

Two of my yoga buddies went to see Shakespeare in the Park last night and I wanted to go until I realized that it was also the night of Game 4 of the NBA Finals so I decided to hit the pool for a brief spell then watch the game. I felt a bit shallow but I really wanted to see the game and, also, it was a tad bit hot...

Woke up softly, futzed around then went to Zumba. My neighbor was outside working in his yard and wanted to know if I was going biking. Told him that I was not going because it was 1). It's hot and 2). The Komen Race for the Cure was happening.

My neighbor's question reminded me of a colleague who recently spotted me using the elevator. She questioned if it was actually me. After my ankle sprain, my knee on the "good" leg started acting wonky. Going upstairs is fine but going downstairs was not. The knee feels much better but I want to baby it for a while longer.

Another agency used my work place on Friday and ordered a boatload of Panera Bread food. When my colleague Katie was offered a cookie, she said that she was going  to eat the heck out of it but was stunned when she went to add the cookie to her food log and discovered that the calorie count on that candy cookie is 420 calories. I would have never guessed that amount. We wondered what in the world could be in that cookie...

Went to the city pool today. The energy is usually frenetic but I wanted to be outside and near water. When one of the lifeguards spotted me in five feet of water, he wanted me to do a deep-end test. Part of me wanted to protest since I wasn't actually in the deep-end but I remembered what happened last week and did what was asked of me.

Here's part of a conversation that I overheard while sitting on the edge of the pool:
Why are you going that way?
Because, bi..., I can't swim. 
Guess the non-swimmer had escaped the gaze of the lifeguard...

In the video below, Alisha reviews a few moves for our next dance number. She definitely makes Zumba fun.

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