Sunday, June 19, 2016

Until It Feels Right

It's been 46 days since I last bicycled. I know because I have a "bike wheel" reminder on my iPod.  I'm continuing with Zumba on Saturdays until it feels right to ride bicycle again. A part of feeling right is also about the temperature. Summer Solstice is upon us.

Prior to yesterday, I mentioned to Alison that Claudette hadn't been around lately. Claudette is from St. Catherine, Jamaica and she is a Zumba friend. She showed up yesterday and said that work had been getting in the way. Before disappearing from the gym, Claudette said that she was five pounds away from where she wanted to be but she has now gained back what she had lost plus more Join the club, Claudette, join the club...

After Zumba headed straight to the circus. Taking my aunt Girt to Circus Flora is part of her birthday package. I never tire of the circus although I did think that the matinee would be less than two hours so I scrapped pool plans and attended to the rest of my Saturday agenda.

There's this woman that is a huge Zumba fan and she asked me if I was going to the Los Hombres Zumba event. Told her that I already had plans but I definitely admire her dedication to getting her dance on.

The ear candy that caught my attention during Saturday's Zumba class was Jennifer Lopez's Ain't Your Mama. It's kind of funny that the version of songs that I find sound different than the ones played in class.

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