Sunday, June 26, 2016

Funny And Not...

After Zumba on Saturday, Alison and I chatted about our plans for the rest of the day. We both had Shakespeare in the Park on our minds so we decided to just do it. I went home to do yard work then I ran to Trader Joe's because I didn't want to try to squeeze grocery shopping in today.

Alison and I had different ideas about what time to depart for the play. We negotiated for a while with Alison getting to the park earlier which was a smart move. Alison had also told me that she would bring a chair for me plus blankets. It was a cool chair too with an adjustable pillow -- something like this one. I am so glad that she had an extra one because the one that I own is ancient.

Even with the somewhat comfortable outdoor chair, as Alison pointed out, we should have been executing yoga moves. As we exited the park, this 65-year-old said that he would bring a chair next time. I'm too old for criss cross applesauce he said. A chair might have been more comfortable than the ground but lots of stretching is still needed.

The director made the play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, funny and I'm glad that I went but that was pretty much a five hour affair -- 2.5 for the play plus waiting and travel. I enjoyed myself so, in the end, that counts. Also, we went on the perfect night. It rained about two hours before the play and while some mugginess held on, it eventually dissipated. In addition, today is the last day for the play...

Way more people present than in the frame.
Who let the dog out?
Had a yoga date with Alison and Rosie today at a studio that we don't frequent.  Liked it when Roxanne said It's not so much what happens at the plate; the action of stepping up to the plate is what matters. She is a very funny teacher but there was nothing funny about the way she had sweat rolling into my ear.

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