Thursday, October 20, 2016


View from the Dreadmill
Went to the gym for Zumba but when I peeked into the classroom, noticed that it wasn't Candice's profile. I was the only one who showed up so I told the sub that I was checking out. One-on-one Zumba, awkward.

Treadmill -- equally awkward. I didn't feel like putting my sweats back on to get my earbuds out of the car -- also awkward. Left my water bottle in the locker room and didn't go back to get it either. I just wanted to hit 10,000 on my Garmin.

Managed to stay on the StairMaster for about five minutes then got on the dreadmill. Read the captions for the annual charity dinner featuring the presidential candidates.

Didn't watch much of the debate last night because I was at Zumba but I caught up on Twitter later on and felt like Celeste Ng.

One of my favorite #trumpbookreport s:

Still can't believe that Trump called Clinton "such a nasty woman."


  1. Back when I thought Trump was just playing around (maybe he was, then) I thought he would deliberately blow everything up by calling her the C word in public. Now I suspect he'll call her that and just get more supporters. Frightening what this campaign is revealing about this country.