Saturday, October 29, 2016


Was happy to see Candice back at the helm on Thursday. I fretted that the low attendance had gotten to her but it hadn't. The sub had reported back that the there was only one person last week and I told Candice that I had opted for the treadmill instead of a one-on-one session.

About two minutes into class, I was thinking that Zumba is much better than the treadmill and that's when Candice said Zumba is much better than the treadmill. Great minds...

There's a song, Cheap Thrills, that Candice plays and I wanted to build a playlist around it. Since Sean Paul sings in that song, I thought I would do a reggae-influenced list.

I like Busy Signal and saw that he is included in Reggae Gold 2015 so I ordered it from the library hoping to find other gold. Well, I found one other song that I like -- Oh Jah Jah. I was all kinds of confused because it said that the artist is Eddie Murphy and I thought it was just someone with a pseudonym and moved on until it kept crossing my mind. Imagine my surprise when I find out that it is comedian Eddie Murphy.

Went to Alisha's Zumba class today although the weather is extremely nice and summer-like but I thought, time-wise, it was my best move as opposed to a two-hour bike outing.

It was a cute class as some people came in costumes. Also saw Claudette who I hadn't seen in about three months. Claudette said that she has gained all of the weight back that she lost. I wanted to say Join the club and It's a battle or It's a journey... Either way, I feel her pain and struggle.

In other news I acquired a rock chip on the windshield of my seven-month-old car but found out that insurance will cover rock chip treatment. Made a claim online and was able to get it treated within an hour of the call. I would say that it's no money out of my pocket but I pay handsomely every month. Either way, I'm happy to have the repair out of the way before it gets cold.

Apparently, it's the month of glass because I also managed to drop my iPod hard enough that the screen shattered. Since I have a fifth generation iPod, the screen is not an inexpensive repair. The lowest price that I saw was $109.00 so I bought a refurbished one. Expensive mistake.

I care enough about music etc. that I didn't hesitate to get the new device. I did struggle with whether or not to get the six generation because it has a better camera but it's hard for me to throw financial caution to the wind.

One of the articles that I read before going to bed was about Aimee Copeland, the young lady who lost a lot of body parts to a flesh-eating bacteria which made me think of this quote You don't have any problems; you only think that you do.

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