Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Good Thing

Hit the pool and took my new toy. The guy in the next lane spotted it right away and wanted to know if it was a clock. I told him that it was a GoPro knock-off -- like way the hell knocked off.

After watching a bunch of You Tube videos and looking at reviews of other action cameras, I decided to go with the DB Power. It sounded like a decent camera and, if I destroyed it, I wouldn't have too many regrets. Of course, as soon as I hit the purchase tab, Amazon sent me other suggestions. I didn't even think about a waterproof housing for my Nikon. Live and learn...

The pictures are pretty decent. I cropped the one to the left so it isn't a true representation...

I was tired of swimming in an hour but the little boy who takes lessons was also done and I try to give his mom a chance to get him showered and dressed since there's no family locker room. I went seven laps beyond my goal of 20.

Totally stopped by the store at 9:00 p.m. because I was craving kombucha. Good thing that I had my wind down time in the pool.

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