Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Better Version

The 'Fugee is not on Instagram and neither is my cousin, Chiquita, for that that matter so I often send them 'grams that I find moving. The 'Fugee's response to the one below. My friend...loves this. She's right. I love "this" kind of stuff...

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I had no biking companion today so I decided to go to Zumba then to the bra shop because I couldn't make it to the bra shop during the week.

Went home and took a shower then headed out. Knew that it wasn't a good sign when I saw a note on the door. The owner had closed the store earlier than the dates she'd posted on her Facebook page. That was disappointing.

Found myself remembering the words of my play mother who happened to be at the airport as my aunt and I were headed to Las Vegas one year. My play mother lost her daughter in a freak accident and I will never forget what she said at the airport -- We're all going through something; I just try to keep my face off the floor...

Just an hour earlier, post-Zumba high intact, I had been quite happy. Situations don't always align the way that you want them to and that's that...

All Smiles After Zumba
And here's one more 'gram.


  1. I didn't realize Instagram was so cool. Dang I love that little girl so much! I remember being 9, and I have never been as free and fierce and smart and alive as I was at 9. I hope she's able to hang on to that.

    I'm thinking about getting Twitter too. I read stuff on a web browser sometimes, and #muslimsreportstuff had me laughing out loud.

    The internet brings us so much bad news and angst, but it brings good stuff too. I like Humans of New York; I started reading Fly Brother because you linked to him; there are many opportunities to go high instead of go low.

    I would like to go to Las Vegas with you. I've never been there. I went to Reno once when I was 17 and not old enough to go in casinos. Some of them looked the other way when I went in with my boyfriend, but I didn't dare order a drink or try to gamble. Can't say I'm big on gambling but I guess I could risk $100 over a couple days :-D

  2. I had the same reaction as you -- I hope that Char's able to hang on to that fierceness.

    I was up until 1:00 a.m. after the second debate reading stuff on Twitter. #muslimsreportstuff is hilarious! "Someone in my house didn't close the cereal box this morning..."

    When are we going to start taking trips? We're supposed to go somewhere else too but I've forgotten the destination. Would love to hit Las Vegas during the fall.

    Re: Fly Brother, cool... Saw that Rick Steves' son is all grown up and doing his own excursions with Millennials. Hoping to find my niche soon.