Friday, July 28, 2017


Think that Gloria is trying to convert me to veganism and it's going to work if she keeps cooking delicious meals and sending me home with food.

For the Eyes...

Taco Stands, Jackfruit, Homemade Salsa etc.

Didn't exercise yesterday because of my dinner date with Gloria but I doubled up on Wednesday so that counts, right?

Leftovers, All Together

Asked one of my coworkers, who often flutters his lips in exasperation, What's up or rather what's not up? His response --  My enthusiasm. My sentiment exactly as far as 9 to 5 life is concerned.

Was on Twitter and saw a post from one of the local yoga studios about donation yoga in the park and, just like that, my Friday evening plans were cemented.

Yoga was a good way to recuperate from the week plus a good way to take my fretting down a notch as I try to figure out how to juggle weekend tasks.

Perfect P.M. Weather
Someone tweeted that, with this current administration, it feels like waking up to a fire alarm every morning and then I saw the tweet below,  a nice break from all the other hellish things going on in the world:

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