Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pace Yourself

Walked for exercise and kept my yoga plan even though I also had my eyes on the outdoor pool. Wanted to keep my date with yoga since I've only been going once a week and I know how important it is for my body and mind.

Got to the studio and realized that the regular teacher wouldn't be there even though there was no "sub alert" on the website. There was no issue, though, because I really like the teacher who subbed and she only does gentle yoga. But what is about a sub that's unsettling?

She (Lizzie) asked if there were any questions then she gave us a little yoga preamble about what type of class it would be  since it was a p.m. practice then she said that she would help us sleep well tonight. OMG, I had forgotten how relaxing Lizzie's classes are. At the end, I was straight up staggering and thought It's a relaxation technical knockout.

I liked it when Lizzie said Go at a pace that allows you to remain present. I need to make a mental note about pace because it's such a nice yoga goal...

Went for a walk on Sunday too and listened to the episode of Death, Sex & Money featuring Gabourey Sidibe. I'm impressed with how fast Sidibe can swim a lap and what she revealed about her mother's career made me a little sad.

One of my colleagues said that she dreamed, last night, that it was Friday and was so disturbed when she woke up and realized it was Tuesday. Yeah, I've had dreams like that too...

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