Friday, July 7, 2017

Somewhere Again

Split Airport
I miss ordering cherry juice during beverage service on Croatia airlines -- even though I'm not a big juice drinker.

I miss drinking Orangina while in the Balkans; it doesn't taste the same in Missouri and, again, I don't usually indulge.

I miss the way the 'Fugee's friend, A, slowly drawls out "Ma da..." even though I'm not totally sure what she's saying.

I miss the waiter's (at our favorite Croatian restaurant) singsong way of saying Moze...  
I miss breakfast rituals with the 'Fugee and I even miss our dormitory-style sleeping arrangements.

Needless to say, I miss the sea and the seagulls.

I miss the way Europeans take an extra swimming suit to the beach then change into the dry one behind a towel. 

I miss the way it's okay to touch people if you need to get by them or get their attention.

I miss people's trusting nature. 

#10 Leading the way to the Mirabella Fortress

The 'Fugee and Emina (who drove us up some really hilly terrain in a manual, wow).

I miss the foragers.

Mulberry Bushes, Sarajevo
I miss the courtyard swing set in Omis and mixing up my various currencies. I miss the struggle of converting kilograms to pounds...

I'm ready to go somewhere again.


  1. The return to reality is always so depressing. And why do we only drink Orangina on vacation? I've never bought it in a store.

    Welcome home, anyway. I really enjoyed all your travel posts and seeing all the fabulous places you and the 'Fugee went.

    I will say it's odd that you live in a land-locked place. I always think of you as being part of the ocean.

  2. Thanks for the welcome home and, yes, post-it reality is depressing. Trying to hold onto the sweet memories though.

    Maybe a move is in my future...and more Orangina. ;)