Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Doggedness, In Action

My suitcase is almost unpacked and I've washed two loads of clothes, cooked my first meal since returning home and I've been to three yoga classes but I've also reflected on how it was, in some ways, nice not to have a yoga studio on every corner while on vacation and, thus, taking away the temptation to be at a studio for a set hour and, instead, practice a different kind of non-asana yoga.

I have handed out most of the souvenirs that I accumulated. Had breakfast with my aunt Debbie, my cousin Chiquita and Alison too...

Can't bear to put the ABC container in the recycling bin that held lokum cookies made by A, the 'Fugee's friend. When I remembered that I had the cookies in my carry-on luggage, delight.

In my last post, I forgot to say that I missed dates and not the dry ones that we got at the grocery store in Hvar but the imported ones from Iran. Those dates were such a filling snack as we traveled around...

I've downloaded the almost 800 pictures that I took and uploaded about 125 to a photo-sharing website. When I look at all the images, I think My God, we covered a lot of ground.

I still think about the Balkan people who had air conditioner in their cars but didn't want to use it. They also didn't want to roll down the windows because of the dreaded European draft. There was a woman at this restaurant, Biban, who didn't want to sit at a particular table, closer to the spectacular view, because she thought she'd be more susceptible to a draft.

I'm still baffled by A who is cautious regarding drafts but opened up the doors in the morning to let all of the Croatian mosquitoes in. Drafts are dangerous but mosquitoes are not? Also, isn't there a draft when you open all the doors?

The 'Fugee did an excellent job of organizing our adventure. She is well informed as a lot of her fellow Balkan people are and it makes me think of my first yoga retreat in Jamaica when one of my fellow travelers said that she was embarrassed by how much Jamaicans knew about American politics but she knew nothing about Jamaican politics. I felt similarly when asked about American stuff while abroad.

But I digressed... The 'Fugee did a great job. In her role as organizer, it also made me realize, again, what a great interpreter she is.

At one point the 'Fugee said that she wished that A and I could communicate so that I could see how funny A is... Obviously, our communication was much more meaningful when the 'Fugee interpreted but A and I found little ways to communicate. Necessity is the mother of...

Speaking of communication, there are times when I've perceived the 'Fugee's pursuit of what she wants as dogged but it was very enlightening to see her Balkan peeps, with equal or greater doggedness, in action. Alas, I  had taken the 'Fugee out of her cultural context... It's weird because I know other people from the Balkans but...I will chalk up my observations and understanding to being more alert and present nowadays.

On another note, the 'Fugee also deserves recognition for her budding photography skills. This woman has always been fond of taking pictures but is now fully participating in the process by being on the other side of the camera and it's been fun to see her pictures.

Photo Credit: The 'Fugee

A keeping her eyes on Buddy... Photo Credit: The 'Fugee
Thank you, 'Fugee, for showing me around and sharing your friends with me. Puša, two times...


  1. LOL the drafts.

    That is super interesting about seeing the 'Fugee in her cultural context.

  2. Guess that I need to put drafts in the cultural category too. ;)