Thursday, December 10, 2009

Those Successful 25 Yards

Seeing that it's 24 degrees out, I wondered about the wisdom of going swimming and opening up the old pores but I went anyway. After being subjected to that beat down on Monday, I needed the water or to not exercise at all. Not exercise? For shame...

I put on my thermal underwear and otherwise wrapped up and headed out. The water wasn't bad since it was one consistent temperature.

I pulled up as I'm prone to do while doing the front crawl and this woman with a sweet grandmotherly face said you're looking good. I turned around to see if anyone else was in the vicinity and since there was no one else around, I said thank you.

I think the lifeguard could also see my front crawl struggle, because she kept giving me warm smiles.

And guess what? I actually swam 25 yards three times doing the front crawl without stopping. That's the most that I've ever done in one night.

During those successful 25 yards, I noticed that I was more relaxed when I turned my head to take a breath. Now, hopefully, I can continue with my little front crawl success.

I have been getting tons of e-mail from any company that I have ever ordered from online. I saw this eye candy from Swim Outlet.

Cool as the parka is, I wondered why someone would need one until I was reading this post over at 623 Tries. Ah, yes, it would be nice to have a parka for that walk from the pool to the locker because no matter what the temperature in the building or in the water, the cold will hit you in the locker room and it's enough to make you gasp.


  1. Oh yea a jacket like that is important. It's cold when you get out!

  2. @purple_moonflower123,

    Thanks. ;) It definitely felt good and I'm hoping to improve on my front crawl success.


    I think just about everything on my wish list is fitness-related. A couple of years ago that would not have been the case and that jacket looks awfully warm...