Monday, December 28, 2009

A Gala Apple, Chili Lime Peanuts & A Wheat Barley Stick

I was visualizing my exercise schedule for this week when I contacted Patti to see when we were going rock climbing.

I had two reasons. First, it takes at least two folks to rock climb -- unless you're using a designated route with an auto-belay.

Second, I wanted to take the torture step and muscle class and step and muscle back-to-back with rock climbing do not go together. Thus, the plotting and planning.

Tonight: Swimming
Tomorrow: Step and Muscle Class
Wednesday: Any Machine
Thursday: Rock Climbing
Friday: TBA
Saturday: TBA
When I got to Riverchase, the lanes were occupied.
Lane 1: Instructor and student plus one lap swimmer
Lane 2: Six kids frolicking
Lane 3: Two women walking
I wondered what had happened to lap swimming.

I waited for about twenty minutes for a lane to open up. I was so eager to get in the pool that I swam the front crawl without pulling up. I went at the water for about an hour, took a shower and had notions of going to the store to secure ingredients for a meal. I quickly nixed that idea, turned on my GPS and looked for the nearest Crazy Bowls and Wraps where I got a Mediterranean wrap i.e. a baked falafel sandwich.

I took my face, ashy from being submerged in the water, into Trader Joe's. I just had to go to TJ's -- seeing that I was low on coffee and all.

At various points in my journey, I noshed on a Gala apple, chili lime peanuts and a wheat barley stick and the thought crossed my mind that I may very well kill myself via excessive exercise.

I didn't even care that my Mediterranean wrap might not be the best option. Tired and hungry, I devoured (half) it when I got home.

As I think about excessive exercise, my mind goes to The Biggest Loser's Where Are They Now? episode. Matt Hoover, a former contestant, participated in the Kona Ironman triathlon:

2.4-miles of swimming
112-miles of biking
26.2-mile marathon run
Hoover, who needed to complete the Ironmnan in 17 hours, missed the cutoff by three minutes and 43 seconds but still learned from the experience:

Our bodies -- they're amazing...I should not have been able to do what I did that day but my body kept going. There's something about pushing yourself beyond your limits that people need to do once in their life...
Seventeen hours, hunh?

And, on that note, I purchased a Groupon coupon today.

$20 for 20 Full-Access Day Passes to The Heights Fitness Center (Up to $120 Value)

I don't need to worry about where I will swim (for a minute anyway) while I figure out the best fitness club option for my varied needs.


  1. It is great that you have found activities that you love...rock climbing and swimming! It keeps you going back for more! It probably won't kill ya! :-)However, it will make you feel better!

  2. purple_moonflower,

    Yes, I need to remember: that which doesn't kill me, will only make me cry really hard. ;)

    I do feel lucky that I enjoy exercising. One of my coworkers said she's never really experienced the endorphin thing.