Monday, December 21, 2009

Forecast: Four Inches of Pomegranate Arils

Had my Introduction to Shakespeare teacher produced a pomegranate, I would have made an instant connection. Really, how do I compare a pomegranate?

One of my coworkers was headed to Sam's and asked if I wanted anything. I was good on my favorite hummus, Sabra roasted red peppers, so I shook my head no until a light bulb went off. Pomegranates. When I said it out loud, I could see the concern in my coworkers' face. He wasn't a pomegranate kind of guy.

I gave him strict instructions.

Look for pomegranates with nice color and no bruises.

If it's shriveled and dry looking, leave it where it's at.
Some shriveld pomes do have gorgeous seeds inside but who wants to take the chance?

I plan to freeze arils so that I can have some for later. Of course, it's just delaying the inevitable but...

While I was getting at the arils, I learned a few more things; pomegranates are best picked apart at room temperature. I had left the Sam's yield in my freezer of a car and the frigid seeds flew all over the place.

I also think that prying the pomegranates into sections helped with my finger strength, a rock climbing benefit.

If you missed my little ode to pomegranates last time, I was inspired to write another one:

Your beauty is un
paralleled; with arils ru
by red or crystal

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