Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Time To Swing

As I headed to kettlebell class, I was going to tweet that when people define kettlebell they should also use a caveat like: gutting it out will be required but I changed my tweet to: time to swing wanting to get into the right mindset.

Speaking of tweeting, got home from yoga last night and signed on. It was fascinating to watch the debate unfold on Twitter. Not once did I feel the need to turn on the TV. The reportage, from Bill Maher to Nightline, told me all that I needed to know. I did wonder why everyone kept mentioning Big Bird  though.

Kettlebell class was tough as expected but I realized, again, how good my conditioning is as a man, about half my age, struggled with a 15 pounder and had to sit out numerous times. The second time he went to the bathroom, one of my classmates encourage our instructor to go and check on him but he was okay. He didn’t puke, pass out or die – Kirsten’s three rules that she doesn’t want broken.

I felt good while practicing. My lower back, which occasionally wants to tighten during kettebell, didn’t and, overall, I felt like myself…

After two weeks off from work, returning has been brutal. I’ve heard that when you travel to a different time zone, it takes one day (for every hour) to recuperate. I’m a night owl so I’m sure that my body’s had to adjust to getting up earlier or I could just be experiencing off days...

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