Sunday, October 7, 2012

Smoothing Out The Dog

Starting singing that Erykah Badu line “my mind is gone…” because that’s what it felt like at the end of yesterday but when I thought about it, I could have used the other line “what a day, what a day…” And what a day it had been. I rolled out late, decided not to go to yoga, took a salt bath, drank coffee, read and didn’t leave the house until 2:30 to climb with five of my buddies plus a new one.

Cindy and Jeff Working Out the Forearm Kinks

After climbing, met Patti at Trader Joe’s then another grocery store. Patti was heading to Chipotle and, when I thought about it, I asked her about eating in because my ETA for arriving at home would have been about 8:30 and, by then, I was already tempted to take a bite of someone’s arm. So I guess what I’m saying is that I need assistance with chores and errands or something because the day was fantastic – I just wanted to accomplish a lot more…

I did go to yoga today. It was so packed that when we extended our right leg, everyone sort of looked back first to make sure that they weren’t going to kick the person behind them in the nose. When we did a full body yawn before savasana, I touched the feet of the person behind me. I told her that I thought her feet were clear but she didn’t trip off of it because that’s just the way it is in this class.

The Big Breather a.k.a. The Champion Breather appeared 15 minutes after class started. He positioned his mat against the flow of traffic because that’s the only way it would fit. I keep trying to figure out what he sounds like. It’s not that Darth Vader breath that teachers like to talk about and it doesn’t sound like someone who’s fogging up the window. Hmmm…

As we did sun salutations, Gloria told us to make it smooth and, after several rounds, of going from chaturanga to cobra to downward facing dog, my dog did smooth out. .

I was shocked when savasana was mentioned. Couldn’t believe it had been an hour -- guess I got lost in class…

Cindy retweeted a couple of hilarious yoga videos and I’m sharing the one about savasana.


  1. I guess that's how you know it's a good class? When it's soo full? I still don't like it! I like my space and touching a stranger makes me feel weird...

  2. The teacher is really good so her classes are consistently full.

    I've definitely had to shake my notion of “personal space” in this class and, by now, having people in close proximity bothers me less than the late person who parks their mat directly in front of me.