Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Savasana Fairy

Classmate Looking Livelier After Practicing Yoga
Rhonna told us ahead of time that she would conduct a very special Halloween class. There were several people dressed in costumes and there was candlelight but first things first…

Is anyone new to yoga? Rhonna asked. Then…Does anyone have a medical condition that I should be aware of?

I’m dead said one yogi.

Several of us howled with laughter. Appropriate don’t you think?

We got in touch with our spooky ujayii breathing, dangled our Frankenstein arms and dived into a witch’s brew/forward fold.

We even got a treat while in savasana...

At one point, we had our arms out and head leaning to the side. It took everything in me not to break out and start doing the Thriller routine.


  1. Thank goodness! If you started dancing around like Thriller and I wasn't there I would be furious! Happy Halloween!

  2. Great post 'Drea...love the photo!

  3. @Kini,

    I'm dancing. I'm dancing... I'm a dancing machine. Sorry, I had to go there. :)


    Thanks... Wish that I taken my regular camera. Didn't realize the extent to which people would dress up.