Saturday, October 13, 2012

Steady, Steady...

At the beginning of the week, tried to do too many things in one day. Left rock climbing and headed to yoga but when I arrived, the class was already in savasana so I retreated.

The next time that I practiced yoga was on Thursday at home but, now, I prefer practicing in a class but getting in some practice was better than none.

Last night was kind of lick my wounds night since it was a crazy week so I was glad that I was able to pull myself together and get out the house by 10:30 so that I could make it to Anna’s class.

I decided to leave my hot yoga towel in the car because I wanted to see how my new mat handled asanas. I slid so much in downward facing dog that, at one point, I thought it would be nice to have my rock climbing chalk.

Despite that distraction of sliding all over the place, I still enjoyed class and feel more balanced than I’ve felt in the last couple of days.

Regaining Balance and Color by Balancing

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