Friday, October 26, 2012

Because I Look Like a Badass or Stuff People Say to Me


  • Send that picture to me because I look like a badass.

  • Erin, The Badass


  • I don't know what your level of clutter is...

  • Katie

  • I'm a bit of a hedonist.

  • I'm like a dog. I'll get anything you need and I don't mind doing that...

  • We want to live in the woods and eat vegetables.

  • As I was reading The Sun -- trying to get ideas about becoming the better person that I want to be

  • Lori

  • I'm assuming you're aware of that....

  • Lori to me about the Yoga for Foodies event

    My Brother

  • Because I don’t have any tofu…

  • Sarah

  • S: I went to school in a castle.

  • Me: What?

    S: It was an old castle. I think that's what it was called -- the old castle.

  • I just converted my weight to kilos (55) and now I'm depressed. Seriously, I used to be smaller

  • Your arms are bigger than my thighs. You're gonna have trouble finding shirts for the winter...

  • After Sarah squeezed my triceps

  • I just love breakfast. There’s nothing better -- bread, butter and jam. Those are some of my best memories – having “breakfast dinner.” My mother would buy a big loaf of bread and we’d have coffee….

  • I miss myself... The one who used to be efficient...

  • I had some chocolate that was so good. You know that I love hazelnuts and the hazelnuts are caramelized and when you bite into the chocolate, you can tell there’s something different.

  • May I paint them?

  • After spotting my uncharacteristically long fingernails.

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