Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Have My Shirt On

Since I hadn't seen Leah in ages, I sent her an email to say hi and to let her know that several of us have been climbing on Saturday around 3ish on a somewhat regular basis. As I emerged from the locker room, I saw a child dart past me. That looks like Noah, I say to Patti. I am Noah, he says. And where there’s Noah, there’s Leah and/or Mike…

As I stood next to Leah contemplating the speed route, Drew walked up.
Me: I almost didn’t recognize you.

Drew: One, I have my shirt onTwo,  I haven’t been climbing in a while.
The funniest look passed over Leah’s face. I explained to her that Drew has a significant starburst-looking tattoo between his shoulder blades so he is much easier to recognize with his shirt off and starburst blazing.

Drew said that he didn’t get the speed route. I know that I didn’t get it or very far up it on the auto belay.

The Deceptive Speed Route with Huge Holds

Leah chuckled after we tried the speed route. I see neither one of us is heading over there to write our name on the board...

As it turns out, Leah hadn't been online and, therefore, hadn't read my email but how's that for putting something out in the universe and getting and almost instant response?

The Clipboard...Dane Climbed The Speed Route In Under 16 Seconds

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