Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Vacation Of Sorts

You get spoiled by making play dates to exercise with others and while I knew that I would miss meeting up with my peeps, I didn't despair because I like my own company too.

The forecast was for stellar weather and I wanted to honor the stellar by exercising outdoors. Lingered in bed a bit then made preparations for departure. Felt like I was going on vacation as I gathered stuff and bicycling on the riverfront did feel like a vacation of sorts.

Headphones, check. Orange slices, check.

I might have hit the trail by my lonesome but I wasn't alone. There were plenty of people to engage with and it was nice to see so many kids out.

There is a sizable hill before you make it to the end of the Riverfront Trail and to the Chain of Rocks Bridge. I hit the proverbial wall -- big time. That orange that I packed and ate while on the bridge was one of the best oranges that I've ever had.

View From Chain of Rocks, Arch in the Distance

Up-Close View Again

I racked up 22 miles which would represent a slow day for Patti*. Still, my appreciation for mileage has been renewed.

*Checked with Patti and she got in 31 miles...

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