Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Making It Work

Been trying to have a play date with Katie for a long time. Think the last time that I saw Katie was at my yoga birthday party last year. Well, we finally made it work and went to a studio, Practicing Yoga, new to both of us. Love the name and enjoyed the class which was a donation-based class with proceeds going to the service opportunity of the month, Hope for Young Adults With Cancer...

Things got heated right away and I wasn't the only one feeling the heat. Roxanne opened the door and we were immediately saluted by horns.

Stevie Wonder and the city -- you can't beat that..Roxanne said. And, somehow, the sounds of the city were not intrusive.

As we went from downward facing dog to plank to cobra, I could feel every route from yesterday's stint at the climbing gym. Of course, this did not stop me from going to my "traditional" gym after yoga which was literally across the street from the studio. I still had lots of energy but it seemed like I was on the dreadmill forever despite being distracted by the Miami vs. Memphis game and The Big Bang Theory.

Finished reading the October 2013 issue of O: The Oprah Magazine this morning and, no, I didn't start reading it last year. Out of 188 pages, I Survived...Getting Hit By A Car, stuck with me the most. Charlotte Rutherfurd says:
Now, just shy of a year and a half later, I still can't run. (My knees give out immediately). But I can bike, do yoga, and hike -- 35 miles on weekends. I'm addicted to exercise. Maybe I'm even a little crazy. And I feel too lucky to stop moving. 
Thanks for the motivation Charlotte Rutherfurd...

During savasana, Roxanne played What A Wonderful World. Now, that's something to ruminate on in the final posture plus how I felt so at home.

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