Monday, April 7, 2014

To The Max

"Anything that comes in through the senses is also regarded as 'food' for the body and therefore affects one's mental, emotional, and physical health." Smriti Srinivas in Gurus of Modern Yoga (Yoga Journal, March 2014, pg 17)
Hard not to think about mental health on Monday -- especially now that my immediate coworker is stressed to the max.

When I told Alison about the stressed out one, she said something to the effect of Good God, woman, you need to learn to deflect. And I have learned to deflect to a certain extent but I'm hoping that my powers of deflection will increase. It's hard not to "feed off" of someone and/or buy into the stress fest when you've worked with someone for a long time.

Two weeks ago FitSugar posted an article, Are You Suffering from Secondhand Stress?, that originally appeared in Shape. Guess I'm not the only one...

Last night it was my turn to snicker when my cousin Chiquita said that she'd read that bubble baths provide stress-relief. Told the shower-taker that I would bring her Epsom Salt infused with essential oil next week.

It's hard to talk and catch up with my folks about stress relief tactics when Teddy a.k.a. Theodore a.k.a. Poopie is around but who needs a bubble bath when he is nearby. If skin is visible, Poopie will lick you until...

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