Tuesday, April 22, 2014

If You Swim, Just Swim

As I pushed the button on my lap counter to mark the occasion of lap three, I thought about my coworker, Rene, who doesn't like lap swimming because she thinks it's monotonous.

Lap three seemed like such a little number compared to the number of laps that I wanted to accomplish and I longed for an MP3 player but quickly dismissed the idea too.
...We're just saying if you eat, don't eat your projects. Don't eat your sadness. Don't eat the argument you just had. Just eat. If you walk, just walk. If you drive, drive. We have to choose again and again to be in the present moment... (The Healer...Prevention, Jan. 2014, pg. 48)
Pretty sure that I was sluggish since I took a nap after work and, pretty much, headed to the pool post-nap...

I've had an active dream life of late -- three dreams within a week:

Dream One: Someone hits my car and leaves a lot of white paint on it.

Dream Two: I'm in an amphibious situation and just as it hits the water, I wake up.

Dream Three: A part of my yoga mat is missing. It's as if someone has taken a scalpel and sliced a fourth of it off but it still looks the same when it's rolled up. Plus, it has a cute little bow on it.

My upper back was so jammed up on Monday that I did a few minutes of yoga in the morning -- cat/cow, child's pose and fish.

If I had a yoga studio, I'd name it Yoga Works. Because it felt so good and calming, I did a few minutes of "back care" yoga this morning too. Threw in an earth salutation to make it even sweeter.


  1. Maybe someone's been stealing pieces of your yoga mat to sell to Subway.


  2. LOL

    When I mentioned the Subway bread to Patti, she was even happier with her decision to go paleo.