Thursday, April 24, 2014

You Forget About The Windows

Zumba was not calling my name but I went last Thursday because Alison wanted company and she thought the class was so fun that she wanted to return this week and she also brought her sister, Joanne, who's visiting from the UK.

Joanne proceeded to tell me that she had been to boot camp with Alison and today she'd been walking around the sculpture park and gardening plus... I'm supposed to be on vacation but something went wrong.

Joanne had me cracking up when she asked if people were going to be looking into the windows of the exercise room. I told her that they hardly ever do and once you get into the class, you forget about the windows.

We got a visit from one of the gym staffers because our teacher likes to crank up the music plus open the doors since it gets stuffy.

After the staffer left, the instructor said but not bitterly Excuse me for trying to teach a Zumba class. She reminds me of Little Diva from Pit Boss. Ashley asked Little Diva if she would tone down her attire and Little Diva responded Tone what down?

Despite that inevitable moment when I was turned in the opposite direction of the class, I thought That was fun when I walked through my door and then I couldn't stop singing Dancing Machine.


  1. OMG I love the Jackson 5. That could almost get me to a zumba class!

  2. Surprisingly, no one has played any Jackson 5 in class.

    An "oldie" that has been played and that really gets me excited is "Proud Mary" but I've only heard that once.

  3. I love this guy that plays James Jamerson bass in his pajamas...

  4. I agree with the one commenter who said, in part, that he put his soul into it.