Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sun, Glorious Sun

Just Lovely
So nice to wake up to sunshine and not blaring sirens that remind you how the area earned its Tornado Alley nickname.

All of that glorious sunshine and no wind or rain called for a walk.

Listened to Pharrell's Happy about five times then was disappointed to find out that an On Being podcast hadn't downloaded so I listened to Mistaken Identity from the Story Worthy podcast and part of a This American Life podcast, Bad Baby -- scary.

Went to see The 'Fugee last night and I believe that she said something like she's going to kiss the ground when her cast is removed and she's able to put pressure on her foot again.

The 'Fugee and I watched Boy, a really quirky but sweet film. It's a good thing that the movie is visual because there was plenty of dialogue that I couldn't decipher. Boy's director, Taika Waititi, is also the director of the equally quirky Eagle vs. Shark which I also liked.

Any movie or podcast recommendations? I've been watching Hoarders: Buried Alive and finishing up the Long Way Round. Patti just recommended Life, which is on Netflix. Come to think of it, I need a new book to read too. I started reading Dreaming in Hindi but haven't seen it in days.

Went to yoga as well and I keep forgetting how much I like earth salutations. As Cindy would say, earth salutations make you feel so grounded.


  1. I always glean movie and book recommendations from your blog, so of course I went to Netflix to add Eagle vs. Shark to my queue. Searching for it, I also found this: Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus. It's a coin toss which I will watch first.

  2. Also, I listened to Bad Baby too - the whole thing, in a couple sessions. The first story was SO HORRIFYING. That poor woman. And I'm terrified for her other children. I looked up her blog - didn't want to but felt compelled! I'll say she's a better speaker than writer, but still I'm just awed by what she's going through. There seems to be slim chance for a happy ending. I usually roll my eyes at 'someone else has it worse' moralizing, but sometimes another person's story is a real kick in the butt.

  3. Looks like it's going to be Shark Week in the Gingerzingi household...

    Re: Bad Baby, that story is horrifying. I looked up her blog too and there seems to be no relief in sight for that family.