Friday, April 18, 2014

A Nod In My Direction

A former colleague stopped by the office and my immediate coworker explained that she was walking funny because of back pain.

A massage? Melinda suggested. My boyfriend is an opera singer and he gets them for his voice. As a flight attendant, Melinda often accesses things from awkward angles and her boyfriend suggested massage therapy for her as well.

My coworker said I don't get massages but she does (nodding toward me). She knows how to take care of herself.

Melinda then asked me if I watch Parks and Recreation. Apparently, there are characters that have a Treat Yo Self day, ha-ha.

Melinda and I both agreed that The One Afflicted With Back Pain should try massage. The Afflicted One... started tallying the cost of the chiropractic treatments she's been receiving.

You can't afford not to deal with stress crossed my mind.

If you can get rid of the stress element altogether, we can get rid of your spine pain.
-Shorty's doctor to Shorty, Pit Boss

Stress dampens empathy.
-On Being podcast?

Stress can take you down physically and energetically.
-Jackson, cat behaviorist on My Cat From Hell, Season 3, Epi 7

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