Monday, September 14, 2015

Because Of Yoga

Masterpiece Theatre
Because of the perfect weather, had my eye on walking to work all along. Thought that I had downloaded an episode of The Moth but I hadn't so I listened to StoryCorps instead.  It's a story from the Griot Collection told by Mary Ellen Noone and I really would like to unlisten to that story, ugh...

Learned my lesson and hit play on a Sporkful episode about chocolate on the return trip... Also got my bicycle out because when I went to renew Sam Smith's CD, got the item has holds message. Bicycled to the library and handed over Smith's CD and picked up Flo Rida and Al Green CDs.

Ate part of the Mexican-Style Grilled Vegetable Sandwich that I put together yesterday. Actually set the top part of the Ciabatta loaf on fire which is probably a good thing anyway. Even though it was hallowed out, we all know how evil bread is...

Accidentally Open-Faced
Got myself together after dinner and headed to yoga. Popped in the Al Green CD and between listening to I'm Still In Love With You and looking at the sunset, I found myself occupying really nice space.

Did I tell you how I look forward to Mondays because of yoga? Okay, not every Monday but a lot of them.


  1. Thanks for the warning on the StoryCorps. Just reading the blurb on the web page about made me throw up.
    I need to come up with something nice for Mondays, so I don't dread it so much. That thing, for me, would not be yoga :-)

    I've been listening to a podcast called Criminal. It's pretty good - the crimes examined range from awful murders to exotic plant thieves.

  2. Hey - also, Happy Birthday! I hope you had a fabulous day!

  3. Hope that you come up with a Monday gem as well and, yes, I know that it won't be yoga. :)

    I need to check out more episodes of Criminal. I listened to one a while ago about a woman who had owl feathers in her head. Did the owl do it or her husband? It was an interesting story...

    Thank you for remembering my birthday. It's tomorrow and I'm hoping to sleep-in like, well, it's my birthday.