Saturday, September 19, 2015

What Do You Want...?

Travel Laundry Bag, Gift
On Thursday went to Zumba class but the instructor ended up not being there and couldn't find a sub. At 7:30 p.m. it's hard to change directions but Alison and I got on treadmills and I cannot believe that there was ever a time when I preferred machines. The time that I spent on that treadmill was brutal even with Alison on the machine next to me.

It was pretty funny, though, when Alison screeched What do you want for your birthday?!?!

I feel very fortunate that there are not a lot of things that I want. However, the things that I do want are things that I need to get for myself but I do try to answer people when they ask me a question so, later on, I told Alison that I really felt like her fixing my Bluetooth keyboard case was gift enough but that if she still wanted to get me something, my want list included: an iTunes song, sync cable, coupon for crepes etc.

My birthday involved a lot of eating, wow, and a botched attempt to the see the balloon glow at Forest Park. The 'Fugee and I got stuck in traffic as we tried to rendezvous with Alison who was also stuck in traffic...

Hit the riverfront trail this morning where a birthday celebration, of sorts, broke out. Alison delivered gifts that she had intended to give me at the balloon glow and Alison's friend brought roses for me and a chocolate chocolate cupcake which is kind of funny because she's a calorie counter.

Flowers From Connie, New Bicycling Buddy
Just as I got all introspective and started thinking about things that I had not accomplished, people just rushed in to let me know that I am treasured.

Best Cup Cakes Ever, Indulgence #5

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