Monday, September 7, 2015

No Balance

News from 2009
Cindy and Tim were in town so I had a climbing date with them on Sunday at a branch of my gym. Between the "accessible" area being roped off for a class and the high volume of 5.10s, I could barely find anything to climb. So disappointing. I've always liked the new gym for how it's organized (bouldering area, lead climbing area) and for the variety of routes but the latter has changed. Can't say that I'm thrilled about the route selections at my regular gym either.

Not everyone is a highly skilled climber and I just see no balance with the kind of routes being offered. Ugh...

We had a little surprise gathering for my uncle's birthday today. There was an overflow room which held about five people and my uncle ate in there even though we tried to encourage him to go and eat with his birthday well-wishers.

It was really funny when my aunt Debbie and I walked in and found the birthday boy in the overflow room reading a newspaper and it was even funnier when I realized that the paper was really old.

And I laughed because reading in the midst of a party is something that I would totally want to do.


  1. LOL your uncle reading. That's definitely something I would do too. When other guests would be looking at the host's record collection (I'm old) I'd be browsing through their bookshelf.

    Did you ever read/see Looking for Mr. Goodbar? Probably before your time. She used to read books in bars. But it was a ploy for attention, in fact, not a way to avoid interacting. Creepy story. I might read it again sometime, I'm sure my 21st century, 50-something year-old self would view it differently than back in the day.

  2. One of my aunt's has an awesome record collection of Aretha etc. Kind of sad that albums are outdated; don't remember albums cracking like CDs either...

    Think I tried to read Looking For Mr. Goodbar but I don't remember anything about it or maybe it was the movie???