Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pros and...

Small turnout for Zumba but Shawny still asked if anyone was new. She asked this one woman who said that she'd been to her class before but that she, literally, hadn't been to the gym in months.

We were a small but enthusiastic group. Well, I was enthusiastic until we got to the Twerking in the Rain and Drop Your Kitty Kat Down Low portion of the program.

At some point during the songs, remembered how much of a tomboy I am. Is it even politically correct to say tomboy anymore?

At any rate, I exercised and had fun in the process so I'll put the check mark in the "pro" column.

I'm diggin' Go All Night lately. Yes, I know it's old but don't hold it against me because I hardly ever listen to the radio unless you count podcasts. In the newspaper world, liked this article about the Dog Whisperer.


  1. Is the kitty kat song a workout-only production? Because I found the Twerking video on youtube no problem (kind of hilarious too) but all the kitty kat stuff was women line dancing. And this:

  2. LOL... It didn't occur to me that there might be a "Twerking In The Rain" video. We usually listen to "clean" versions of songs so it was interesting and funypny to hear the unedited version.

    The name of the other song is actually "Drop That Kitty."